Online License To Carry (LTC)

We’ve teamed up with to offer their online, Texas Department of Public Safety approved License To Carry course. You can fulfill the classroom training requirement from the comfort of your own home and schedule the proficiency demonstration with us once your classroom training is complete.

About this Online Course:

  • Fulfills the classroom training requirement for a Texas LTC
  • 4 hours long and can be taken at your own pace from anywhere.
  • Broken into 15-20 min video segments. 
  • Start the class immediately after purchase, or later
  • Start and stop the class as many times as needed
  • 6 months is provided to complete it
  • Entirely audio/video based 
  • Closed Captioning available for all audio
  • Easy multiple choice test at the end (as required by TX DPS)
  • LTC-101 Certificate of completion immediately available to download

Topics covered for the online Texas License to Carry class include:

  1. Weapon Law
    – Laws that relate to weapons and to the use of deadly force
  2. Handgun Use and Safety 
    – Including use of holders and methods to ensure the secure carrying of handguns
  3. Non-Violent Dispute Resolution 
    – Deescalation techniques including communication skills and situational awareness
  4. Safe Storage Practices 
    – handgun storage options and law relating to storage